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13 Jan 2020

Replace your Old Folder Now: We evaluate your Used

Take advantage of Hyper Depreciation to switch to a new Reactive Hybrid Folder. Or we offer you a Retrofit, Numerical Control and Last Generation Photocells. […]

06 Jan 2020

Electro-hydraulic clutch

The system is based on an electric axis equipped with a hydraulic clutch (therefore the two traditional techniques are combined), equipped with a brushless electric motor, capable of providing high forces and high travel speeds. […]

30 Dec 2019

Numerical control of the latest generation

The Reactiva Folder is equipped with a Software that allows you to better manage the simulation of the folds automatically, thanks to a simple interface and intuitive Touch Screen navigation. […]

23 Dec 2019

Make the Reactiva Folder unique, as unique as your company.

Personalize it with your company and brand colors, to enhance your image. […]

16 Dec 2019

Reactiva press brake in line with INDUSTRY 4.0

The Reactiva press brake comes standard with the transducer and sensor kit for INDUSTRY 4.0 requirements for the interconnection and exchange of data between machines and remote control for programming of bends, drawings and functions. […]