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01 Mar 2018
we adapt our press brakes made in Italy according to customer requests

For each company a custom bender in the colors

Often, as in the case of cars, the consumer is more interested in buying something that he likes aesthetically, with which to identify himself, in addition to choosing according to the mechanical or technical characteristics of the machine. The decision of the purchase, on many occasions, responds […]

05 Feb 2018
 Assistance Press Brakes and Shears

Timely assistance

We were born ten years ago to provide this service: to offer assistance on the bending machines and shears produced by Schiavi Macchine Industriali Spa as a company owned by the same building company that, originally and until 2011, was a member of R.P.C. Producing our REACTIVA press brake intern […]

08 Jan 2018
REACTIVA press brake: The advantages of hybrid technology

REACTIVA press brake: The advantages of hybrid technology

REDUCED ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT In addition to using 70% less oil than a traditional machine, our bending press is able to significantly reduce the electrical absorption. In traditional bending presses, very high power is used for three-phase motors, but especially when the machine is stationary, it […]

24 May 2017
 2017 Lamiera Exhibition Stand

2017 Lamiera Exhibition Stand

For those who had not come to see us here are the photos of our Stand at the Lamiera 2017 Fair […]

05 May 2017
Opening new branch

Opening new branch

Opening of a new branch with showroom, assistance and spare parts warehouse Via Merloni 12, Cartoceto Fraz. Lucrezia (PU) […]