RPC Piegatrici

RPC: Our History

2008: RPC Revisione Piegatrici Cesoie Srl is born as a company owned by Schiavi Macchine Industriali Spa, to offer assistance on the bending machines and shears they produce.

2012: RPC acquires from Schiavi Macchine Industriali S.p.A. part of the service warehouse complete with electronic boards and mechanical parts to design.

2015: The new production site of over 2,000 square meters is opened, making RPC no longer a simple company, but an artisan workshop for sheet metal machinery.

2016: REACTIVA is released, the hybrid press brake with electro-hydraulic system and patented compensation table built entirely in Italy

2017: An indirect branch for assistance and sales is opened in the Marche region in order to better support customers in Central Italy

2019: The new robotic cell consisting of collaborative robots is born in combination with the REACTIVA bending machine for sheet metal processing