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as a synonym of quality and innovation, as it was designed and built entirely in Italy in the new production plant in Piacenza, the company headquarters. The total mastery of the product ensures technical assistance and fast, specialized after-sales support.


because the amount of hydraulic oil is significantly lower. Much quieter than traditional systems: < 65dB(A).


a considerable saving of around 40% on average because the motors in Stand-by phase (pedal not pressed) are completely stopped, minimizing the absorption of electricity.


integrated hybrid system. Given by a thrust generator, an innovative hybrid electro-hydraulic system for the control and movement of the Y1 - Y2 axes that maintains the oil temperature in the optimal operating range, avoiding damaging overheating of seals and valves.


In these times where innovation is based on the development of GREEN technologies also for press brakes The future is hybrid both for the lower environmental impact and for the bending precision and tonnage that can reach.

The hybrid solution makes it possible to combine the precision of the electric bending press with the power of the traditional hydraulic bending press, guaranteeing an energy saving of 40% compared to traditional systems, reaching high tonnages precluded by the purely electric bending machine.  The synergy between brushless electric motors able to supply variable speeds and torques and hydraulic cylinders is the best compromise to have the advantages of the electric bending machine (maximum reliability and precision in achieving the exact bending point) and the advantages of the hydraulic bending machine such as power and the possibility of bending in coining used by the benders but a limiting condition for the electric benders

RPC Benders recognizes the most efficient bending solution in the hybrid press brake.

For this reason, RPC Benders has created a single and unique range of hybrid bending presses The REACTIVA HYBRID series press brake offers a wide range of bending machines starting from 25 Ton for 1.2 meters up to 300 tons for 4 meters The REACTIVA HYBRID series press brake is designed and built entirely in Italy in our factory in Piacenza

The materials and the components of first quality used together with the extremely precise testing according to strict standard procedures guarantees the maximum reliability in time of the REACTIVA press brake

For example, a 300 tonne per 4 meter Reactiva Hybrid line has an installed power of only 15 KW compared to 30 kW of a traditional hydraulic system with the same tonnage.

The new "Reactiva" hybrid press brake contains winning values:


WIDE RANGE, unique for the press brake sector with a hybrid system

starting from 25 tons per 1.2 meters up to 300 tons for 4 meters with 13 different models for power and lengths



for the hybrid system and the active compensation of the lower table



because the customer decides the warranty as and when he wants it.



The system is based on an electric axis equipped with a hydraulic clutch (thus combining the two traditional techniques), equipped with a brushless electric motor, capable of providing high forces and high movement speeds.

- Complete electric axis: the logic control is the same as a traditional electric thrust generator, because the hydraulic circuit behaves exactly like a clutch. The precision and repeatability of the axis are the same as for the electric axis.
- Very limited losses of mineral oil as the system requires an order of magnitude lower than the hydraulic solution (but enough to have a damper), and above all operates in closed cycle (ecological solution).
- Energy saving system: (typical of electrical solutions) in that it only requires mains power when necessary, as it does not have anything in continuous recycling (as in the hydraulic solution), and in quantities that are strictly necessary to complete the machining. 


The success of RPC Piegatrici and of the Reactiva press brake is the success of its customers, which translates into these characteristics:

RELIABILITY, thanks to the high quality of the structures and components of the machines.

SIMPLIFIED USE, thanks to state-of-the-art simple and intuitive software.

CUSTOMIZATION, thanks to the possibility to configure the different work stations according to the needs and to customize the machines with the customer's brand colours.

PRODUCTIVITY, thanks to the optimization of the processes and the quality of the products.

SERIES technical features:

  • Complete range from 25 tons for 1.2 meters up to 300 tons for 4 meters also with XL series with increased stroke and light
  • CNC 2D / 3D TOUCH SCREEN chart with integrated network card
  • Led System Guide to display bending station and rear feedback position
  • Rear register MPA 8 axis (X1-X2-R1-R2-Z1-Z2)
  • MFA lower table centering on table deformation (patent pending)
  • Hybrid plant with electro-hydraulic generator (patent pending)
  • Very high descent and ascent rate (on average 200 mm / sec)
  • 2mm speed change with plate edge reading
  • Reduce energy consumption by 40%
  • 50% less oil than traditional hydraulic system
  • Not affected by the temperature of the oil as it remains constant in the optimum operating range since there are no proportional pressure valves
  • Top table guided on machined steel guides with rolling and adjustable bearings
  • Removable and adjustable wide-width die board
  • Recordable intermediaries H100 or H120 or H150
  • Hydraulic oil included in the first delivery with the folder
  • Anti-intrusion rear light curtain
  • Led lighting for bending line and backgauge
  • Standard bending mold series
  • CE marking

Available options to add:

  • CNC graphic 22 "3D with integrated network card
  • Barcode reader
  • Relative X3 axis for MPA departements mounted directly on the head
  • Additional verification both manual and automatic (for a maximum of 4 total hits)
  • Increased travel and light in the XL series
  • MPB Register with independent and relative heads
  • Bending angle control system (angle gauge)
  • TPS -Crossing plate with integrated pneumatic control
  • Intermediaries for fast manual locking of the Speed ​​Grip series
  • Intermediaries for pneumatic quick-action locking Star System series
  • WILA hydraulic automatic upper locking
  • Manual lower locking or automatic WLA
  • Additional pedal programmable both as station and as second operator
  • Manual front supports
  • Accompanying sheet metal bending self-excludable by numerical control
  • 3D bending software
  • Transducers and sensors for requirements INDUSTRIA 4.0
  • Interface for robots HW and SW


REACTIVA Plus Press Brake