RPC Piegatrici


20 Jan 2020

Hybrid Reactiva work in progress

The Reactiva Folders are designed, built and produced entirely in Italy, in our factory: this is why we at RPC like to call "Reactiva" the Km0 Folder. […]

13 Jan 2020

Replace your Old Folder Now: We evaluate your Used

Take advantage of Hyper Depreciation to switch to a new Reactive Hybrid Folder. Or we offer you a Retrofit, Numerical Control and Last Generation Photocells. […]

06 Jan 2020

Electro-hydraulic clutch

The system is based on an electric axis equipped with a hydraulic clutch (therefore the two traditional techniques are combined), equipped with a brushless electric motor, capable of providing high forces and high travel speeds. […]

30 Dec 2019

Numerical control of the latest generation

The Reactiva Folder is equipped with a Software that allows you to better manage the simulation of the folds automatically, thanks to a simple interface and intuitive Touch Screen navigation. […]

23 Dec 2019

Make the Reactiva Folder unique, as unique as your company.

Personalize it with your company and brand colors, to enhance your image. […]