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Not a simple company, but a large workshop of sheet metal machinery. Thanks to the experience of our team of designers and technicians, we put our know-how at the service of precision and speed.

The key to growth is to look ahead, perceive innovation and make it happen; RPC Piegatrici S.r.l. has managed to do this by designing and offering to the market its own sheet metal bending press, an innovative electro-hydraulic machine, designed and built entirely in Italy, ready for Industry 4. 0 and with functions of remote diagnostics, remote control and production management.

RPC Piegatrici S.r.l. was founded in 2008 as a technical service provider and in 2016 began to produce and market the REATIVA bending machine with an innovative hybrid system, but it is also much more: robotic cells, security, retrofit, numerical controls on bending machines and shears and sale of moulds.

  • 2008
    RPC is born
    RPC Revisioni Piegatrici Cesoie Srl is born as a company owned by Schiavi Macchine Industriali Spa, to offer assistance on the bending machines and shears they produce
  • 2011
    RPC becomes independent
    RPC Revisioni Piegatrici Cesoie Srl becomes independent from Schiavi Macchine Industriali Spa and acquires part of the assistance warehouse
  • 2015
    New production site
    New production site of over 2,000 square meters in Quarto (PC) which makes RPC no longer a simple company, but an artisan laboratory of sheet metal machinery
  • 2016
    REACTIVA is born
    REACTIVA is produced, the hybrid bending machine with patented electro-hydraulic system and compensation table and built entirely in Italy
  • 2017
    New Branch
    An indirect branch for assistance and sales is opened in the Marche region, which becomes a new point of reference for customers in Central and Southern Italy
  • 2019
    New Modular robotic cell
    The new Modular robotic cell comes to life composed of collaborative robots combined with the REACTIVA bending machine
  • 2020
    New anthropomorphic robot
    The new robotic cell made up of REACTIVA and the anthropomorphic robot sees the light of day, to satisfy customers who need to move large pieces
  • 2023
    New headquarters
    RPC Piegatrici Srl moves to the new production site in Gariga (PC); 6,000 square meters with production, warehouses and a new showroom

Why relay on RPC Piegatrici S.r.l.?


The ten-year experience of technicians in the maintenance and manufacture of press brakes and shears make us highly qualified in the electrical and mechanical overhaul of these machine tools, numerical controls and put us in a position to give new life even to 30-year old machines, opening up to the second-hand market with the sale of used, refurbished and re-certified press brakes and shears.


With our team of expert technicians in the field of press brakes and shears, we put out know-how at the service of speed and precision, fundamental characteristics in the field of sheet metal machining.


We are able to quickly satisfy the requests for technical assistance, both remotely and at our customers’ premises, covering the entire Italian territory, with extremely fast intervention times.


Unique in its kind from press brake 25 tons for 1.2 meters up to 300 tons for 4 meters.


About Us