RPC Piegatrici

Overhaul of press brakes and shears

R.P.C. performs overhauls with a capital O

Even though your press brake and shears have undergone significant production cycles, we can replace them both electrically and mechanically.

Twenty years of experience in the field of Schiavi-brand press brakes and shears allows us to overhaul your machine as effectively as possible, returning it to the state of reliability which is almost the same as a new machine.

In addition to completely dismantling the machine, we examine it piece by piece to assess its reliability over time.

The main phases of the overhaul are planing and grinding tables for moulds, the grinding tables in the baling sectors in the case of an RG type press brakes and final machine testing.

It is also possible to replace the numerical control with a current one and to install multi-beam photocells and anti-intrusion barriers provided for by regulation PR 12622, then performing a sworn appraisal signed by our company engineer in charge of safety.